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Physical Rejuvenation

The physical rejuvenation projects at Rooted Emergence aim to teach and inspire youth to prioritize their physical and mental health through movement and outdoor activities. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in various forms of exercise as well as learning about basic outdoor survival skills. The goal is to help youth develop a positive relationship with their bodies and the environment, while also learning important life skills. The program promotes overall physical and mental well-being and encourages a sense of community and connection with others.

We know how important it is for youth to move their bodies, get outdoors, and connect with nature. Our physical rejuvenation projects will teach young people in underserved communities the joy of movement and the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. Youth will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, including play, yoga, tai chi, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

By moving their bodies in new and different ways, they'll develop strength, flexibility, and coordination, while also reducing stress and anxiety. We'll also offer guided meditation, breathwork, and other spiritual practices to help youth connect more deeply with their bodies and the natural world.

Our hope is that these experiences will inspire young people to continue exploring and enjoying physical activities throughout their lives, promoting better physical and mental health for themselves and their communities.

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