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Community Garden


Founded in 2021, Rooted Emergence (RE) is a fiscally-sponsored project of Inquiring Systems Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization based in California. Our mission is to address socioeconomic disparities, the growing effects of climate change, food insecurity, and reverberating issues like mental and psychological disorders affecting youth in underserved communities.

Our work

We focus on the intersection of three primary areas: community, ecology, and food justice-to relieve dependency on unsustainable, existing systems.


Embodying this ethic, we aim to reach youth from underserved communities through their relationship with the environment and food access.

CommunityEcologyFood Justice

Our Goals

Improve food security and combat the growing effects of climate change

Address socio-economic disparities

Combat mental health and psychosocial disorders amongst BIPOC youth with education reform

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