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Our Team

RE’s board, staff and affiliates plan to unite to create a scalable, land-based model that involves crop growth and distribution, which assists our local communities and ecosystems to work towards sustainability and long-term healing.


The combination of RE's team and board's shared work experiences and expertise will encourage personal growth and reflection amongst BIPOC youth through guided activities, wellness exercises, skills training and more to build shared, communal connections that accelerate the change we want to see in society.

Lature Van Duren


Sweetina Kakar

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing and Community Outreach

Salman Jammal.jpeg
Salman Jammal

Head of Operations & Programs

Board of Advisors

Randall Dobbins.jpeg

Randall Dobbins

Audrea Juny Simpson.jpeg

Audrea Juny Simpson

Claudette Lloyd.jpeg

Claudette Lloyd

Sonya Van Duren.jpeg

Sonya Van Duren

Zachariah Presutti.jpeg

Zachariah Presutti

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